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Odyssey Ceramic Arts - Artwork Donation

Artwork Donation

Click here for the artwork donation form. Thank you for your support!

Dear Patron of the Arts,

It is a simple but fascinating question:

What makes a studio?

Is it the equipment contained with in its walls? The raw materials used to create the artwork? Is it the people? The attitude? A combination? Is it, perhaps, even more than that?

At Odyssey Clayworks, we define ourselves not only as an educational pottery studio, but also as a center for self-improvement. We are made up of a loving and supportive family of artists committed to sharing our trade. Our primary goal at Odyssey ClayWorks is to help everyone who walks through our doors to feel peaceful, safe, welcomed and encouraged. Through our classes and workshops we offer meaningful avenues for self-expression and creative freedom. Our gallery serves to educate the public through a series of free lectures and tours. We also feature a nationally recognized residency program that assists early career artists to define themselves in the modern business landscape.

We want to make these experiences available to as many people as possible in the community, regardless of their income level. The Odyssey Scholarship Fund is the means with which we are able to do so. So far in 2016, we have used the Fund to offer 23 scholarships totaling $5115. We continued our work with the VA, providing therapeutic work with clay to veterans with PTSD at no charge. We hosted the G.R.A.C.E. group again this summer, providing clay camps free of charge to 14 low-income youth from Asheville and the surrounding area. Additionally, we funded our work with the IRL program at the Asheville Middle School, providing 12 weeks of after school enrichment at our studio.

We have contacted you with hope that you will be able to support our efforts by donating a piece to the 4th Annual Odyssey Auction to be held on Saturday, November 5 at 7pm. We know that you are bombarded with such requests, and would like to offer you the option of keeping up to 50% of the income derived from the sale of your work in appreciation of your generosity. We hope our efforts can be beneficial to your business as well. We will promote your work in flyers, on our website, and through social media. We will also provide you with a free ticket to the event. Please submit donations by Monday, October 31. Thank you.

If you are interested in donating, please fill out the attached artwork description sheet and return it with your piece to our school's office, located at 236 Clingman Ave, Asheville, NC, 28801. You are welcome to drop the piece off in person, mail it to us directly (we will reimburse all shipping charges if desired), or we can schedule a pick up in your area. Your support is greatly appreciated.


Gabriel Kline

Director, Odyssey ClayWorks